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Monday, September 01, 2008

Google Chrome, a browser by Google

You know you are a huge fucking geek when a new browser is something you need to blog....oh well...I accept my geekdom proudly...."This had been rumored for some time but now it's official -- Google is working on their own (open source) browser."

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Monday, May 05, 2008

NIN Gives Away New Full Length Album - the slip

No wonder I love this band.......Trent Reznor's love of the new media is continuing as he releases his new album "the slip" completely free. Unlike before there isn't even a even a way to pay for it currently. I think he is become quite inspired creatively by his new found freedom after escaping the clutches of the failing record label business. "as a thank you to our fans for your continued support, we are giving away the new nine inch nails album one hundred percent free, exclusively via the music is available in a variety of formats including high-quality MP3, FLAC or M4A lossless at CD quality and even higher-than-CD quality 24/96 WAVE."

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Neil Marshall, the director who brought you both Dog Soldiers (werewolf cult movie) and Descent (very scary spelunking movie), has a new movie Doomsday.   I would say that this is probably the director's homage to VM._SY400_SX600_ cult  movies.   Picture Rhona Mitra, who I have been a fan of since her Boston Legal stint, doing a very respectable Milla Jovovich's Resident Evil type kickass chick in a movie that has tones of at least 3 very cult films.   The movie begins with an outbreak of a virus that is killing all the residents of Scotland and northern England it is somewhere between Ebola and a zombie virus in its characteristics (most die but some go berserk).  As soon as Rhona comes onto the scene she is given a very Escape from New York type mission.   Even the music has John Carpenter written all over it (I smiled every time the signature style of early 80s cult accented the action on screen) and if there was any question about the esteemed director's influence on this film any such debate is squashed when one of the main characters is introduced simply as Carpenter.    There are post apocalyptic punks abound...of which the leader is both scary and very humorous at the same time.  Eventually the movie morphs into a medieval setting (some scenes were rather reminiscent of Army of Darkness).   Finally the movie wraps up with a Road Warrior/Mad Max style chase scene.    I have been somewhat hesitant to describe the plot in detail as this is a movie that has to be seen to be believed in many ways.   Oh yeah....did I mention it is super gory?   There are limbs and heads being chopped off all over the place and one scene displays a good guy not only getting burned alive but then chopped up and eaten.   I know this probably sounds like an awful movie but Mr. Marshall has done a fine job of melding it all together and I will be buying this on DVD for repeated viewing once it comes out.....I might even be listening to the director's track to see if my suspicions about the various film influences are correct.  Besides a movie that features a hot chick kicking the ass of both post-apocalyptic punks and knights while taking her eye out (not spoiling that one....very cool) has to be great right?  haha....    If you are a true cult movie fan go out and see this now.....if you can't find the genius films like Escape from New York and Army of Darkness it is better that you keep your lame ass at home.   I give it a 90%...I haven't been to a movie in a very long time that had me not only laughing but cringing in equal amounts....good show.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vantage Point


Went to Vantage Point with a large group of friends yesterday.   By the end of the movie I liked it however I must say I was waiting for groans to begin being elicited every time the gimmick kicked in.   The gimmick of this movie is that it is told from several different perspectives 6 or 7 I believe in total so after about 10 minutes the movie rewinds and you see another perspective until the finale which combines it all together.   The narrative stitches together perspectives in a way that each following segment reveals a little more detail to the overall plot however much of the information is rehashed so it gets a little trying.   If one or two segments were cut I don't think it would have hurt the film.   I also think that the reactions that some of the Secret Service officers in the film particularly those close to the President displayed were unrealistic. If you watch films of real incidents any time that any suspicious behavior is shown they literally dogpile the President with every officer available becoming human shields.   It doesn't matter what else is going on...they don't care...their only job is to create a buffer for the President.  Anyway by the end it was an enjoyable film....I particularly liked the Dennis Quaid segments (the car chase in particular).    Overall I give this movie an 80% but I don't see that it will have high replay value due to the repetitive nature of the storytelling gimmick.

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Friday, January 18, 2008


So just got back from seeing Cloverfield....I liked it a lot. It might just be my favorite large monster movie....definitely scarier than Godzilla etc... I can see how reactions will be mixed...about half of the audience groaned when the credits rolled however if you love the the idea of the Blair Witch experience mixed with a Godzilla movie with a dash of zombie-type horror thrown in with a light sprinkling of Alien....then you will be pleased. I never saw the Blair Witch project but heard reports that like that movie some moviegoers were sick (one of my companions became queasy) so be wary if you have a weak stomach. The movie is under 90 minutes but it doesn't feel short at really brings you into the movie in the time allotted. I don't want to give too much away but I liked it a lot....and will probably own it on dvd.... I give it a solid 88% and can see how with time this might even grow. I have to say J.J. Abrams sure knows how to get you to think about a plotline....and the whole team sure did accomplish creating a very unique movie on a fairly small ($30 million estimated) budget.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lowell named World Series MVP

I thought maybe it would go to Jason Varitek since his guidance of a lot of young pitchers was key...but Lowell is very deserving amd one of my favorite players....the fact he accounted for 2 of the 4 runs scored in the final game really locked it in for him...(a great headfirst slide and his solo HR)... Besides he was the RBI leader this season and played great defense (as always). It is pretty amazing he was basically forced upon Boston in the trade for Beckett....and now he is World Series MVP.... He earned himself a lot of money in this contract year with his regular and post-season performances. I really hope they re-sign him in Boston and don't opt to go for Alex Rodriguez who has not proven himself in the post-season at all...

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World Champion Boston Red Sox!!!

It is a great day to be a Boston Red Sox fan......the pitching was dominant.....the hits were clutch when needed........a great season from start to finish................woo hoo

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NINE INCH NAILS Frontman Says His Record Company Is Run By 'Thieves'

This is an amazing interview with Trent Reznor where he rants about the current state of the record industry, admits to stealing music himself, and his plans to leave the major labels and distribute his music himself ($4 an album by paypal for as high a bitrate as you want) after his next record-contract-fulfilling album. On a personal note this is my favorite band still producing music (if you can call Nine Inch Nails a "band") and Trent is one of the few "musicians" left in the business so go out and buy an album or even better see him in concert (best performer I have seen.....he can sound just like the album live) to support an artist who is speaking out for his fans.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

70 Reasons to Love Jack Nicholson

One of the most entertaining men walking the planet off or on the screen...."Jack Nicholson had a birthday over the weekend and you’ll never guess by looking at him which one it was. We all have our own reasons here in the U.S. of A and across the Big Pond, The Scotsman (which is why some of the words have funny spellings) has listed 70 more reasons to love the guy."

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

NFL fines Brian Urlacher $100K for wearing a hat!

"Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher was fined $100,000 by the NFL for wearing a cap during Super Bowl media day that promoted a sponsor not authorized by the league." Wow that is a lot of money. I am sure he got paid a lot more than $100k in his endorsement deal however and they are getting a lot of promotion by this playing out in the media. On a side not I just have to say that I love the new VitaminWater commercial with him and David Ortiz. My two favorite players from my two favorite pro sports teams.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Testing out the new scribefire (formerly performancing) firefox blogging extension.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Vending Machine Vends PIZZA!

My odd fascination with things that you can get from a vending machine continues. I believe it started when I found out about all the crazy shit that you could get from them in Japan. It looks as if we here in the USA are beginning to catch up with them slightly. This vending machine can make you a custom ordered 9" pizza in 2 minutes. Sounds convenient.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

You are 400% more likely to be attacked at Wal-Mart than Target stores

I have always had the hypothesis that Wal-Mart is dangerous......much like movie theaters the lower the prices the lower the quality of the customer. Then again most targets aren't open for 24 hours so maybe that helps to eliminate at least some of the gap between the statistics. Amazingly the Wal-Mart I think of as being the most ghetto in Albuquerque was not the one that had the highest crime statistics but then again it is also the store that closes earliest in all of Albuquerque as well.

"For the sample, the average rate of reported police incidents at Wal-Mart stores was 400% higher than the average rate of incidents at nearby Target stores. Enter your zip code to see how violent your Wally World is."

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Indiana Jones: the crusade to get Connery

Man I hope they don't screw up this film by either making it suck or failing to get Connery to reprise his role and replacing his character with some dumb stand in."Connery has repeatedly insisted he has retired from movies, following a miserable experience on The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, But speaking from his home in the Bahamas, Connery told Scotland on Sunday that he had already had discussions about returning to the big screen in the epic adventure series."

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Monday, January 29, 2007

The Descent

After a very long layoff between postings I am back and testing out posting by way of my new cellphone (LG enV). So I also finally got around to joining Netflix earlier this month (a great decision by the way) and I have been catching up on a bunch of movies that I never got
around to seeing during their theatrical releases. The Descent is one such movie. I have wanted to see it ever since I learned it was directed by Neil Marshall whose first movie Dog Soldiers was a great cult classic twist on the typical werewolf story. The Descent is a girl bonding movie that descends into mayhem. Mostly set in a cave-exploring environment it really does a good job of making you feel claustrophobic which is scary enough before the actual "horror" of the movie kicks in. Overall I give it an 80% rating. I enjoyed watching it once but doubt I will be revisiting it over again. This is mainly due to the fact it is a straight horror film and once you know the ending I don't think there is much replay value (as opposed to cult films where it can be fun to memorize the lines...etc...).

Sunday, January 28, 2007


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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Free 'powered by Ubuntu' stickers

Now here is a company that can promote itself well. Cool free shwag. They also sell laptops with Ubuntu loaded on them....something I have been hoping would become more common for a while now.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

10 Most Feared NFL Players This Season (SI Photos)

Da Bears Kreutz is #2! Too bad Urlacher (or somebody from leagues best defense points-wise) isn't on there....I have a feeling that they didn't want 2 players or more from any team on the list.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cooper: SG-1 will go on

"Stargate's producers are looking for another outlet for SG-1 and asks viewers to maintain their ratings and keep watching stargate"

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Stargate SG-1 Cancelled !!!

The series has been on the verge of cancellation 3 times I believe so it was somewhat inevitable with the series being in its 10th (rising production costs end all things). Hopefully they will take the new cast members and either incorporate them into Stargate: Atlantis or spin them off into a new series. That or Ben Browder and Claudia Black have really horrible timing/luck.

"The future of Stargate is in question today, as SCI FI Channel has cancelled the long-running Stargate SG-1, Multichannel News reported today and a GateWorld source has confirmed. The news regrettably follows the airing of the show's milestone two-hundredth episode on Friday."

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Matt and Trey: C'mon them who really runs Hollywood

Check out the balls on Comedy Central.....hilarious ad to congratulate South Park on their Emmy nomination for the Scientology-mocking episode that the network reportedly pulled out of repeats when Tom Cruise threatened to boycott the parent media company on his MI3 publicity tour.

"South Park's war against Scientology isn't over yet. Comedy Central's fired the latest shot, with an ad imploring Hollywood's Jewish community to show Scientologists who's really in charge, with an ad in Daily Variety on Tuesday."

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Official: Jack The Ripper Identified

"Scotland Yard has taken possession of a policemanĂ¢��s memoirs which names the serial killer"

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Friday, July 07, 2006

HBO's 2-page joke ad for "Aquaman biggest box office weekend" in Variety

Gotta love Entourage and the HBO promotions department.

"As a joke, HBO took out a A 2-page ad in Variety, the Hollywood trade publication, declaring that the new James Cameron film Aquaman, starring Vincent Chase, was the "biggest box office splash in history." Of course the "Aquaman" movie only took place in HBO's fictional show Entourage. "

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Monday, June 26, 2006

New Digg v3 Launched

Digg with v3 now has all of the major news categories that you would find in any newspaper.. (with a pretty ajax interface no less) all you non-techy people have no freaking excuse not to use my favorite news website anymore. Go check it out NOW!!!

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New Digg v3 Launched

Digg with v3 now has all of the major news categories that you would find in any newspaper.. (with a pretty ajax interface no less) all you non-techy people have no freaking excuse not to use my favorite news website anymore. Go check it out NOW!!!

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